About The Language Scene

“It was one of the best professional development sessions I’ve taken part in. So interactive and engaging and I walked away with a stack of resources and ideas to energise my teaching practices. Cannot recommend more highly and can’t wait to do more professional learning with The Language Scene in the future!”  Tanja Cuka, EAL teacher and workshop participant.

The Language Scene is an organisation founded and run by Melbourne-based EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher and Drama in Education specialist, Jodie Whitehurst. The Language Scene provides professional learning on using drama techniques and strategies to teach language in a holistic, inclusive and dynamic way. Workshops and courses are available for teachers of  EAL and LOTE (Languages Other Than English) across all sectors from primary to adult education. Through these highly interactive sessions, teachers have the opportunity to learn a variety of methods and activities which are immediately applicable to their classroom settings. Participants in the workshops are not required to have a background in acting or drama teaching; they simply need an open mind and enthusiasm for learning and utilising innovative teaching strategies

Why teach language through drama?

Extensive research has shown that drama in language education can:

  • empower learners
  • increase speaking confidence
  • promote spontaneous language use
  • provide contexts for more frequent and meaningful use of the target language
  • develop non-verbal communication skills
  • address prosodic elements of speaking, e.g. tone, stress, intonation
  • help students retain new words and phrases
  • build trust and social bonding within the class
  • motivate and engage learners
  • develop employability skills, e.g. communication, teamwork, problem solving