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“The Language Scene workshops are always inspiring and thought-provoking. We commissioned Jodie recently to do workshops with a diverse group of educators working across a range of sectors. The workshops were extremely well prepared, and dazzlingly presented. Participants gave Jodie’s sessions rave reviews! TLS is an excellent choice if you’re looking to energise and inspire people.” Elizabeth Gunn, Former President of VALBEC.

In addition to the scheduled professional learning offered by The Language Scene, Jodie can be booked to facilitate workshops for groups of teachers at schools, community centres, universities or any educational institution. The workshops are highly energising and interactive, so that teachers can learn and experience the techniques in the same holistic manner as their students. The atmosphere is inclusive and non-threatening and no previous drama experience or knowledge is required. Whilst all workshops will be presented in English, the techniques are easily transferable to LOTE learning contexts.

Note: If your institution or workplace is in the Melbourne region, workshops can be delivered either face to face or online via Zoom. If you would like to book Jodie to run a workshop outside the Melbourne region, please send an email to discuss. Zoom workshops are available for groups in any location.

Workshop Topics

Introduction to using drama in the language classroom (1.5 hours)

In this session, participants will gain an understanding of the many benefits of using drama in their EAL or LOTE classrooms. Through hands on participation, they will learn a collection of warm-ups and drama-based strategies which can be immediately applied to their language lessons (both online and face-to-face).

Bring your online language classes to life through drama (1.5- 2 hours)

Participants in this workshop will discover ways to engage their learners by turning the online space into a dynamic, learning environment through drama. Teachers will experience and learn a variety of techniques for teaching performatively through online platforms such as  Zoom. These approaches will enhance the language learning and   communicative outcomes for students while helping them feel more connected to their classmates during remote learning. All techniques are transferable to face-to-face classrooms in the future.

Teaching grammar to language learners through drama (1 – 2 hours)

Throughout this session, teachers will discover dynamic drama strategies to bring grammar learning off the page and into a meaningful context. Drama can make learning grammar enjoyable and by connecting the mind and body, these techniques help learners to retain new grammatical concepts and structures.

Building confidence and spontaneity through improvisation (1-2 hours)


This workshop enables teachers to learn the basics of drama improvisation (aka ‘improv’ or ‘impro’). Improv is a fun-filled way to get students communicating more spontaneously, learning to trust themselves and ideas and as well as actively listening to others. Through these simple techniques, teachers can help their students learn to think on their feet and work as part of a team.

Language through stories: an introduction to process drama (2.5-3 hours)

Teachers in this session will experience an approach called process drama in which all the students and the teacher work collectively in role, becoming part of a story.  Throughout this process in which there is neither a script nor an external audience, learners are given the opportunity and motivation to use the target language spontaneously within a meaningful context. Participants will take part in a small scale process drama and see real video examples of learners involved in this approach.


To book a workshop for your workplace, please contact Jodie on