Bringing Language to Life – Teaching EAL to Adults through Drama 

Jodie Whitehurst
Williamstown Community and Education Centre
Tuesday 15 October 2019

Push back the chairs.  Put on a fabulous scarf. And pretend to be… an office worker.

This was just one of the many and varied experiences in Jodie Whitehurst’s ingenious professional learning session. This session very much lived up to its title with Jodie delivering a lively and energetic session to demonstrate how drama techniques can enrich language learning. Jodie expertly showed how creating dramatic tension can ‘squeeze’ (as one participant commented) the language out of you. Jodie started by outlining the benefits and challenges of using drama in the EAL classroom, and the research she has done underlying her practice, before taking participants on an experience few will forget. Using a fictional story about a company in which all the workers were suspiciously always happy, Jodie created a scenario in which participants could connect with each other and use their imaginations, while also picking up tips and tricks to take away and apply in their own teaching no matter what the context.

A huge thank you to Jodie for generously offering her skills and to workshop participants for your enthusiastic and often hilarious participation.

Session Summary by David Kezilas, VicTESOL Professional Learning Coordinator

Review of VALBEC workshop (September 2019)